There's not yet been a promising or reliable state high-speed rail project proposed without detrimental impacts to Texans, and any concepts moving forward demand either a major reroute or complete cancellation with Texans as the top priority.

HSR Private Prop icon.png

Private Property Rights Upheld

--Texans’ basic constitutional rights of property ownership should be upheld and not disregarded

--Eminent Domain must be used in the right way, for public use, not private gain

HSR Local Impact icon.png

Local Impact Is Positive

--Reasonably built, recommended construction within the right of way where infrastructure already exists without needing to go through private land

--Land rights should not be diminished, but respected

--Federal funds should not be used if the debts could fall onto taxpayers

--Communities of interest should not be divided, but held together

--Established small business development should not be hindered

--Communities should not be financially burdened

--Safety for the citizens, passengers, and the environment should be of paramount importance

--Accessibility is key for utilization, so it should be where populations need it

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