Use the sample social media posts, graphics, and talking points to frame your conversations with other supporters and lawmakers.

Sample Social Media Posts

Copy and Paste the following social media posts to your personal social media channels! Be sure to tag @ReroutetheRoute in your posts! Download the images below and attach them to your posts for more engagement.

  • The FRA is holding a hearing to assess the public safety issues that Texas Central's proposed high speed rail will bring. Will you join me in attending these hearings? #highriskrail
  • The proposed high-speed rail project is bad for Texas and bad for Texans. We must stop it in its tracks! Join me in telling the FRA about how unsafe and irresponsible this project is! #highriskrail #reroutetheroute
  • @TexasCentral's technology is completely foreign to the United States! Their proposed route is completely irresponsible and unsafe. Join me in the fight against this project to protect the lives of Texans and their property by telling regulators why it is bad for Texas! #highriskrail
  • Thank you @CongressmanBrady for standing up for the safety of all Texans by asking the FRA for a public hearing! We stand with you and are ready to attend the hearings to let our voices be heard! #highriskrail
  • @TexasCentral thinks the project is a done deal - they are wrong! Share this post and spread the word to stop this proposed project in its tracks! #highriskrail
  • TexasCentral's lack of care for the safety of Texans is evident. Join me in attending the FRA public hearings and tell them why this project is bad for Texas! #highriskrail
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JOIN ME at a public hearing to voice your concern against high-speed rail in Texas!.png

Stay tuned for talking points, issue one pagers, signage for Public Hearings, and more!