About the draft RPA

What is the Rule of particular applicability?

First...the RPA is not a step forward for Texas Central. Although they will tell you otherwise, they are no closer to breaking ground than they were previously.

This is simply a step in the bureaucratic process that allows impacted Texans to speak their mind! The RPA is an obligatory step by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to assess the safety aspects of Texas Central's foreign technology. Because this proposed project's technology is completely foreign to the FRA and not inter-operable with any other rail tracks in the United States, regulators need to conduct the necessary due diligence to protect the lives of Texans and the state's well being.

The RPA will serve as a set of safety guidelines that Texas Central will be obligated to follow should the project ever come to fruition. Our goal is to ensure that does not happen!

What will happen next?

First, the FRA will announce public hearings throughout the state, allowing impacted Texans the opportunity share why they believe the proposed rail should not be built. These hearings will focus mainly on safety concerns!

A 60-day public comment period will open. This is your opportunity to submit your thoughts in writing to the FRA about why the rail should not be built. ReRoute the Route will provide a form that will allow you to easily submit your comments to the FRA soon.

Stay tuned and engaged with our social media to learn the most up-to-date information and what you can do to help!

A Statement by ReRoute the Route

“This week, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issued a draft Rule for Particular Applicability, an obligatory step to assess the peculiar safety aspects of the proposed high-speed rail project in Texas. This project’s technology is completely foreign to the U.S. rail network, is incompatible with Amtrak or any other U.S. carrier, and poses many new potential dangers to the Texas public. The FRA must conduct the necessary due diligence to protect Texans’ lives and well-being. Despite the project developers’ claims, this does not bring the project any closer to breaking ground today than it was yesterday.

Because of Texas Central’s lack of concern for property owners or the safety of Texans in the planning of the proposed project, Re-Route the Route welcomes the public hearings and an extensive public comment period, so all impacted Texans can raise their concerns directly to FRA officials about the proposed project. This is simply another step in the bureaucratic process that allows landowners and affected Texans to speak up for their rights and their safety, and to expose the project for what it truly is: unsafe and completely irresponsible.”

Taylor Ward - Spokesperson for Re-Route the Route